I’m Kashdeya and I make Minecraft mods and modpacks. Here are some of my projects:

  • Desolate Wasteland
  • Desolate Wasteland Tweaks
  • The Official Pack of Colors
  • Simple Addons
  • Simple Upgrades
  • Poke' What?
  • Salty Test Pack
  • Clouds of Darkness
  • Beyond the Diamond
  • Shenanigans


Here are my modpacks, click on a thumbnail to see the details about the modpack.


Here are my mods, click on a thumbnail to see the details about the mod.

Desolate Wasteland

AT Launcher

Desolate Wasteland can be found on the AT Launcher.

Earth has come to the end of its life and mankind has joined together to search for a suitable planet to colonize on. Five teams were hand picked by all governments and sent to different parts of the galaxy.

You have been in cryogenic sleep for over 50 years when you are awoke by your commander. It seems that the computer has found a near by planet that has a sustainable atmosphere. During your exploration of the planet you and your team feel like you are being watched.

Off in the distance you notice a big wall with buildings behind it. Upon arrival you notice that it is a town and has life forms living in it. As you and your team sit and talk to the leader you notice all the guards around town.

You and your team decide to stay the night in one of the buildings they offered to you. The next morning you notice that your team is not in the building. You go outside and ask around and find out they were seen leaving the town early that morning.

You hurry to gather everything and rush out of town back to the landing area only to find that they have left you behind.

So...... What to do now? Do you stay here? Do you figure out a way to get off the planet? Do you continue your mission?

Poke' What

Curse Launcher

Poke' What can be found on the Curse Launcher.

Are you tired of all the modpacks feeling the same? Bored with Tech and Magic? Take a step back make your builds pretty and catch some pets!

A modpack made for ibhoe. Come watch me play it at http://www.twitch.tv/ibhoe

Salty Test Pack

Curse Launcher

Salty Test Pack can be found on the Curse Launcher.

This pack has been put together to see how well 1.8 mods work and to see if there is anything out so far that can make 1.8 better.

This pack is based around exploration and 1.8 Tech with a little bit of magic. We have tried to add some mods to the pack that is new to minecraft and bring changes while at the same time using some old well known mods to help balance the pack.

We have included FTB Utilities to add expert mode at a later time for those that would like to try it out in 1.8. We have also included PandorasBox just for the LOL's to give the players something cool to do if they want.

Please use the Issues section to report any and all problems with the pack.

The Official pack of Colors

Curse Launcher

The Official pack of Colors can be found on the Curse Launcher.

I have built this pack around Colors and Building. With the help of Ancient Warfare, MrCrayfish Furniture, Decocraft, AppleMilkTea2, Armourers Workshop, Carpenter's Blocks, Colorful Armor, Gems plus and many more Bright colorful mods you can build almost anything.

Along side of Building mods I have also included some tech to help you along the way like Buildcraft, Applied Energistics, Builders Guide, Engineers Toolbox, Immersive Engineering, Project Red and others.

I have also added a some extra mobs like Mo' Zombies, Elemental Creepers, Hardcore Ender Expansion to give you something to do other then build.

I have also included Botania, EssentailCraft3, Magical Crops and Witchery for the Magic Lovers out there.

A lot of new mods have been included in the pack along side common mods like. Compressed Blocks, Catwalk, Draconic Evolution, Enchanting Plus, Extra Buttons, JACB and Over Powered Inventory.

I know a lot of packs have Tinkers and Veinminer in them now and so I went in a different Direction.

I have setup all AXES to cut down trees and all PICK AXES to Veinmine ORES only.

I hope all enjoys this pack.

Clouds of Darkness

Feed The Beast Launcher

Clouds of Darkness can be found on the FTB Launcher with packcode darkness.

Clouds of Darkness is a new concept on skyblock by bringing in adventure & exploring along side the skyblock gameplay

We have added in the one thing missing that everyone has always wanted in a skyblock pack "Adventure".

As you complete quest using the HQM book you gain warp pages to use in your warp book so that you are able to teleport to New Islands, New Dimensions, New Dungeons and even a Labyrinth.

Over time you will get stronger, gain health, mightier weapons and epic armor, But do not go charging into battle because our pack will knock you down just as fast.

Starting with v1.1.3 you are able to play anyway possible unlike before, We have unlocked Softcore & Hardcore so that all type of gamers can enjoy our pack.

This pack is no longer being supported. Any problems you find in the pack should not be reported.


AT Launcher

Shenanigans can be found on the AT Launcher. Use packcode "Shenanigans101"

Shenanigans is nothing short of Shenanigans101. I am in the middle of moving into the age of 1.7.10/1.8.9/1.9 and in the middle of making everything work together and run smooth.

As of right now you can download the 1.6.4 version and get a taste of what Shenanigans is all about.

I am making all tech, adventure, RPG and Magic work together to make it all feel like it is one mod instead of a lot of mods.

Keep in mind that I am also trying to make the gameplay feel closer to enhanced vanilla.

Simple Addons

Curse Launcher

Simple Addons can be found on the Curse Launcher.

Simple Upgrades

Curse Launcher

Simple Upgrades can be found on the Curse Launcher.

Desolate Wasteland Tweaks

Curse Launcher

Desolate Wasteland Tweaks can be found on the Curse Launcher.

Beyond The Diamond

Beyond The Diamond is a new 1.9 mod being worked on. More info to come